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e-mail 2003


from the jade river

to the emerald sea

I keep seeking

The riddle of me

I look at myself

And my self looks at me

I look at myself

And there's nothing to see

To think myself naught

Is a terrible slight

Ignoring the option

To be what I might

So gird your loins man

And hang on tight

The future for you

Will be out of sight


My body is old. I am not.
I will wear long silk scarves of many colors
When 100 years have passed.
My hair will be long and white
My eyes will become translucent
Seeing the truth.
I will run fast with skinny legs.
My children's grandchildren
Will cherish me
As an ancient treasure.
I push them on the swing and sing.
They know I sing a song of sadness
Which is real.
All they care is they love me.


Human yes

For the universalist
Anonymity is a spiritual act
The sanyasin, the true sanyasin
Of the samkya type
Opens a room in his heart
Which has no boundaries
No qualities to check
No aggrandizement
No advertisement
Having found the lack
Having performed all duties
Having paid in advance
He is free
He may pursue any path or
No path
One path becomes strewn with precious stones.



i can't find myself at the end of some dark alley
just as the golden sun is shimmering luscious liquid bands
accross the stepping stones of puddles from last nights rain.
oh! monstrous pain.
oh! body vain.
after all my wandering my fierce meandering
pointless pandering
my deranged senses
pestering blistering peregrinations
oh cease now pain... thou scampering monkey twat!!
i find i'm sane! perhaps i'm not!


limbo moon

a nymph stood laughing on the sands
and beckoned me. Her eyes
were irresistible commands,
I started slowly, then realizing...
a growing madness and began to run,
but with the smoother grace of summer breeze
she also ran
as if her pleasure were the race.
Pursuing her was vanity,
but lured from sense i chased her far....
there would have been more sanity
in seeking rainbows or a star.
At last i dropped, exhausted lay
to watch her stop and turn again
in petulance, as if to say
such games could ne'er be won by men.
Her golden hair thrown back, half wild,
she stood against the setting sun,
the form her mother venus styled
still breathing from the run.
her eyes, so sparkling in her pride,
grew tender in the evening glow,
and when the moon came forth, she sighed, drank deep of cold blue rays
escaped into the night, kidnapped by an angel dark
with chameleon wiles
darkangel predator-- cunning interloper
charged with whispering secrets and promiscuous promises
impossible to keep.


Sleepless Nights

all night long no sleep just lying there
acros form ing
nissan maxima is cool
americaa comes and cj leaves?
room was hot when all chat openly
annoying things: too much red secrets happening
half the acros
when people don't vote
love when theres lotsa love
love when people tell about themselves
perfect when all laugh uncontrollably, offwith clothes
kissing and hugging
girls fight over me
on a run, flags and stars
new people do well... good acros
cjtagalong chats with me after winning a lot
maidnlace tucks me in


blast! said the bluebird
when they bombed his nest
damn! cried the beaver
another atomic test
the skunk grabs his nose
says this air stinks
i can't get any air
said the wilted rose
oil,eeeww filthy beaches
where golden sands once gleamed
we must all work together and have our land redeemed


zen is like staying in when your're going out
zen is holding back what is pouring out
zen is letting go what is being held back
zen provides good results without fear of failure
zen is the reconciling force; we are third force blind
zen is pure love no strings attached... no axe to grind
zen is talking without thought, thinking without words
zen can't be found in a book, yet i give you a book
zen is having some tea before opening the package from your friend
zen is being there whenever you are needed
zen is being more whole, more harmonious
zen is never negative, never attacks, never loses, never wrong, never right
zen is winning both flag and star
zen is not noticing commercials
zen is ultimately compassionate
zen is sacrificing one's suffering
zen is consciousness i'm in my body
zen is a small name like bear or unit
zen is without caps
zen is never sorry
zen is the universe is conscious
zen is loving you like myself
zen is that there is no time
zen is overcoming without trying
zen is winning without wanting
zen is walking with pain
zen is the need to know
zen is i wish to be here now
zen is healing my self
zen is doing
zen is cleansing

new email 2003

Limbo lament

limbo lament dayet
wait! wait! don't run
it's true i may have pursued you
but that was because you shyed away
now you are blushing to your finger ends
i have only love to give
a tender kiss a dear embrace
for one as lovely as youself
should never, oh sin to aphrodite! about face
there's no harm to horses humping
there's no sin in monkeys jumping
one another in tumescent jungles
did the same god that made ecstacy
turn back to say... hey! don't be free.
as long as there be air to breathe
as long as there's soft skin to feel
as long as slippery cunts entice
i'll find fucking is oh so nice.
so join me in fiery love where
soul in soul fits like a glove
there where orgasms sweet oohh prolonged a treat
even after cumming my rascally fingers still are running
i lie here calmly stoking hair disheveled and bedeviled
breast and arm and legs lingering again
on stomachs tight and steaming muff
go round again and round again
a new orgasm
on the move
and mounting again
really cool!


ahh! starry night

ahh! starry night so brilliant white!
oh so swollen earth in limpid light
my unswallowed dirge a limping fright
it's not that ancient gods are gone
it's not that laboring love's forsworn
it is but true, it is nine muses locks all shorn
and mammon's omnipotence, all art is forlorn
with all my might...with all my heart
i gainsay the fight....courage! destrier white
and casting myself headlong forward
i fly through unknown mountains
where going at all means to be a seeker
i say to seek.... i say to remember
driven to find a river....remember
dying to find the prize...... remember
trying to hold to the true
aching to feel the ecstacy....i remember
opening paths of true virtue long since abandoned
i'm not alone....have many friends along the way
they've seen me daunted day by day
one thing i do alone and always have
i sacrifice apollo for dionysian love
i kick poor caution out of bed
i rock the boat and beat the burning bush
my way is singular, hell bent and tiger true
this is true
i can not feel
there is nothing i do
there is nothing i can say
to convince myself or you, of value
or nascent necessities beyond the pale waning lusts
except that now
i make a wish
my heartfelt wish and head thought spoke
let suffering end on earth it's tyrannical yoke
so dispel your fears and fill our year with
wondrous feelings and astounding works


maidnlace my heart's desire
sitting quiet by the fire.
is she ready just to be?
perhaps she's reading poems to me?
what a wondrous thing to see.
is that a lovely song she sings?
a soothing harmony i hear.
a song of ancient lore, of love?
or christmas cheer?
i turn her gently over
sweetly kiss her maiden ear.
i rub my mouth across her cheek
find her mouth is what i seek.
it's soft and warm and
pressing there with my hot mouth
i taste and feel some moisture there.
'tween lightly parted lips so firmly pressed
and yielding
sweetest nectar blessed.
but oh, there's more to her
than meets the hand or eye or mouth
she has a heart that's wont to cry
but not those all- engulfing tears of sadness no,
she cries for love
and for the awesome force of life
and all it's senses charms delights
to feel remembering
how on happy nights we lay
enamoured of each other's eyes
or summer days with summer skies
far from the shades of dirty lies.
where free from want
we tasted loves eternal pleasures
swallowed whole the ecstacy
of melting one another
in a cataclysmic coitus
felt in every cell and nerve dispelling
any thought of time or cares or woes
and afterward twining fingers through each other's locks
and caressing once again with contented love
we vowed allegiance 'gainst all the world
come what may
we prayed that nothing would dismay
or come between us
and our infinite love


Enemy of order

Is not entropy as strong as growth?
Why is down-going evil?
there is no blame
A sacred new world won't return?
Impartial god opens new venues
They run from shadows
We will pray for light
It is up to us and no other
Karma is conscience remembered
Wake up and die right



She touches me with ethereal sensitivity
her gentle hands awaken my body's healing force
beneath my pleasure is gratitude
my soul finds it's center in sensation
shivering waves of thrilling exstacy ebb and flow
returning with an intensity magnified by presence

time does not exist and fear is a dim memory
the empress's searching fingers find
blocked energy... pockets of stress and strain
she plies the fibres of muscles exorcising
the poisons accumulated by downgoing naysaying
visions of heavenly bliss replace
coarse thoughts of loss, loneliness and all
the tiny terrors of errant thought.

Surely, her pleasure feeds the universe
as she pays with her love
gives herself to healing.
the throne of Hera gets hot and vibrates
and the gods smile.



Cjtagalong sang a song in my ear
As she nestled in my arms
Now there's nothing more to fear
'cause artman's cradled cj's head
bent down to smell her hair
Christmas crackerjacks and snowplows
faintly echoed in the past
by the fire a crackling roasting duck
a pot flowed buttered corn
cold fingers, toes and frozen nose
by warming fire and flames that rose
to melt those precious hands and feet
and bring a rosy glow to lovely cheek
cj sang a song of lovers crossing miles of stormy seas
to a harbor always waiting
and a cottage lined with trees
there's a land where children run in wonder
chasing fireflies in summers dusk
where ancient tribal paths are worn
and evidence of cobbled walls and ancient halls
have crumbled down to dust
a whispered song of happy times and warmer climes
of poets and wanderers come home from shining seas
where venturers have come to rest to harbors snug and cozy nest


Belly of the beast

street-stained ragamuffin with fractured smile
little flirt making dough
the pain of loveless sex
come hither insistence "wanna go out?"
hoyden stands, cocky arms akimbo
stands lolygagging belly-out shouts "I know you!"
she knows to feed the baby, keep mom in gin
pubescent muff gruffin takes uptown boys back alley ways
and chilled by the prospect elder men hurry, by
read their Baudelaire and cry
squalid , nonetheless enticing to godless men going back to homeless homes
missing what? they wonder
go to sleep with visions of hairless quims
pubescent whims right hands whirring and quivering limbs
wives turn away sensing discordant the grunting groaning moaning lies
that wavering in immature loneliness leaves them yelping for and forgetting the dead and quiet.
leaves them panting in painful remorse, unfulfilled, retching on jangled mornings
vomit on tie rubbed in clean boardroom washrooms
shaking dirty hands wagging foul-mouthed tales of erstwhile friends on the down and out.
Heaven help the poor bastards wont have a chance in hell.



I am the devil, I am the god

Bottles of courage
beercans of fear
double packs of cigarettes
with death drawing near
a lifetime of sore skin
hot rash, patches of itch
just can't win
ain't it a bitch

A happy enough home, but my wife has left me
or.... I left her. She's nowhere near
she wants me not and that is clear.
My house is on fire
my skin is aflame
the children are hiding
so great is the shame.

There's only one outcome
the devil has done as
he chuckles and bellows

"This one is mine, the fire burns high!"
and capers a jig
clicks his heels and eats a fig
"Where are you now, my minion to be?"

It's his unclean joy that rallys me
my only god
the power to be.

completely amazed, I struggle on
begin again, write a poem
paint the sea
help a friend
and I
be me.

- Copyright 2001 by Scott Cumming -


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