Love poems(32)

e-mail 2004


If i described you as a bird
you'd be a dove
and in my mind the song i heard
white sound of love

were you similar to any fish
the angel fish would do
a floating presence some might wish
your gallant heart to woo

and you're as fragile as a doe
demure in dappled sunlit glade
a side of you i've come to know
and love as much as marmalade



i want you want we want

it was on the dogged hill he crept

the smell of wild hawthorne on his arms

that raised the quiet window for her charms

as bare she lay and barely slept

all golden lying liquid in the moonbeams

not sprawling in wanton luxury

but bent in delicate array

she peered at him in sleepy loveliness

and smiled and held out her arms

"come into bed." she whispered

he slipped in beside her and she shivered

the morning dew had clung to him

and face and neck and chest were bronze and cool

both dusty and damp with wetness of the woods

"shhh" her finger touched his lips

"make love to me."

and as his lips fed hungrily on hers imperceptibly,

the blue light of dawn illuminated that growing frenzy in their limbs

and pressing bellies when the distant rooster cried

announcing to the dormant world that love was born anew

the climax of shared ecstasy all bathed in warming rays of sun

spent and cradled in lovingness

curled together as they slept.



About kelly

She fit so snugly in my arms

I was amazed

There's no denying her many charms

Now I'm adazed

I must protect her from any harms

Now I'm half crazed

My heart goes out at her alarms

But I'm not phased

I know I'm strong

I know I'm wise

If love is wrong

It's my demise

If she loves me Then she's the prize

It's not my doing,

God knows it all

He wishes us well, that's all to tell

come away with me...

to an island in the sea

where sloping palms are lazy

looking down on you and me

as we sprawl on warm white sands

entwined and holding hands

cooling bodies in the breeze

upside down we see the trees

and the porpoise smiling says

come away with me...

where the sea is cool and deep

and your troubles go to sleep

and the seashells seem to say

here's how to spend a day

gather us up and line us up until we're all in array

we are here for you

like the mountains dew

on a crispy morn as the sun breaks through

the high jungled trees whose golden blossoms glow

like candles in the dark

honeyed nectar from the tree arms pour

and the flowers shed their sweet perfume

come away with me...

come away with me...
to an island in the sea
where sloping palms are lazy
looking down on you and me

"Love is a kind of warfare; avaunt, ye laggards!" (Ovid, Ars Amatoria, II:511)

Sky blue eyes

Beckon boys to caverned rivers pure and cool

So loving light and lithesome merriment

Transform the boldest suitor

Now a galloping fool.

Beware my son… take heed

For eyes so full of promise

May bring a tear or two to bleed

From eyes that call her to their secret heart

The deluge from a broken heart

From eyes unused to flow

the more the salty rivers burn

the flushed cheek of love forlorn.

Love that overthrows life

"what makes me love you so?"
said the boy in the glade
"I am to meet my god"
said the girl as she stood
and she smiled as she took his hand, adorable
she was the best girl in the land, implorable
her eyes were colored like the sky
her hair a yellow butterfly
her satin skin the sheen of cream
and blushing lips of cherry bloom

the sun was setting in the trees
the hilltop whispered with a breeze
"the sunset's perfect from the ridge"
so hand in hand they formed a bridge
and thus entwined amidst the waves of golden wheat
the two ascended on winged feet

yes, once aloft upon the hill
the wind their tangled tresses wove
and breast to breast they took their fill
as swimming eyes behold a shadowed grove
below that holy hill all bathed with light of paradise.


My hummingbird is bright and light
a heart that beats
with all its might

A busy bee she
and ready to flee
if her eye should see
a wary movement or the silent shadow
of a predator

a nimble flower's stamen lips
brushed her noble forehead and with a sipping kiss
left golden seed and a quiet bliss

But with invisible speed she sped on
then hovering protected by
a sky blue flower she savored in
precious weightlessness
a new and honeyed power
a nectar sweeter still than all...
the juice of love

oh! stimulus divine
flowed through her trembling body
like strong wine
and suddenly explosions
sweeter than all the flowers of the world
burst in her mind
and changed her flying form
into a golden girl
Venus blessed and virgin born anew

Hummingbird II

The hummingbird is light and neat
She doesn't have a need for feet
Doesn't seem to rest at all
Her wings will never let her fall

Through the long summer day
While all the other birds in strange array
Are varied in their idleness
She merrily with jeweled perfection
Feeds on loveliness and confection

Is this the just dessert
Unending tireless work?
To bullet home in fine fatigue
And curl in mossy shadows
Beneath the timeless vigil of the stars

And when the dawn's glorious promise propels
Her will to do again the dance of life…
Compels her delicate proboscis
To take it's fill
On yonder greening hill
Bestrewn with colored trumpets climbing trees
A soundless blowing in a cooling breeze.

at last the great unknown revealed
that Aphrodite-blessed most pretty spot
of silken fur and my delight
your skin so pure and glowing white
and amber in the firelight

that lovely mound that was found
more precious than a vein of gold deep underground
when you gave to me that welcome and that allness
called full acceptance of my boundless love

and i love you from sweetest head
to tiny toe and all between
with all those glimpses that i've seen
how you love me through eyes so fair

that we should fit like hand in glove
gives nature's purpose so sublime a reason
that our union was of perfect love
for time eternal not just a season
our gift from god, a taste of heaven.

can i say our love
is pure?
when can love be
truly sure?

when i hold you in
my mind
then my heart glows
i am kind

when warm gold flows in
our veins
be not troubled
by life's pains

i remember our last kiss
even parting can be bliss
love, you see, has many many charms
you are there
and i am here
but i can feel you in my arms

i can say our love
has power
nurture it and it
will flower

now let's be grateful
for all we have
health and happiness
and all that jazz.

i can feel you in my arms.

I am drinking the dark green algae
Of the celestial pond
I breathe the rarefied oxygen
Abundant in the higher valleys

Between the white mountains
I Rest my head on a mossy bed
Beside a crystal stream
And dream…

That god has made me to enjoy
His work
And you
And you were a parting gift
To teach me love

I lost my self
In you
But regained my soul.

i don't know why i love you i just do
but you're as pretty as a picture
and as soft as eiderdown
you may not know it
but you're sharp as an arrow
and rarely miss the mark
i am so blessed and lucky
that you're aiming at my heart

i guess i'm done for, i surrender, i am all yours
because you are as sweet as honeydew
from radiant smile down to twinkling toes
and i will go the extra mile for you
at god's pleasure because you see he knows

I Love You

I love you like the golden sunrise
like the lotus opens with the dawn
my heart unfolds to take the light

you give me life
i'm laughing like a child
last night while sleeping
my laughing outloud twice woke me

and i thought of you
and smiled and entered sweet oblivion
with you

when the dawn's orange clouds
sprang across the turquoise sky
your eyes were on me
and i practically fainted away
with joy for loving you

i want you
because i love you
it's true
i have plans for you

don't be afraid of me
my first act of love
is still to keep you free
in this you are my dove...
free to fly, and keep my love.

but you also are the huntress tall
with ambitions strong and iron will
i'll not detain you long at all
then i promise you your fill

just let me place this yellow buttercup
under your chin...
ah!! i thought so
but loving butter is not a sin!

let's spend some time in cloverfields
let's play a little game i know
in fields where four-leaved clover grow
i'll be your slave for evermore
if you find first the shamrock four.

i would love to kiss you
every night
every morning

your face lit a fire
in my inmost heart
the waxing flame
dispels all light-shy demons.

i am the receiver of the light
but i myself am glowing
the knot has been released
ribbons of sunlight are trailing
from my shoulders
my waist, my thighs

diamonds are dropping out of my eyes
and i hear only the music of the 49 spheres
now my life has become a furnace
smelting golden replicas of everything
and all the world is new


today is my birthday
the first day
of my future life
i'm letting go of useless strife
today i do decree
this binding principle of the free
it's royal to give
and royal to receive.

I am the king of my domain and rule with merciless delight
inflicting pleasure and bearing pain
the only being with whom i'll fight

a hero's land circumference three
the power of god to keep it free
from selfish aims and foolish claims
nor dreadful fears
nor counting years

appointed unanimously my enemy yields
to the lord high seneschal of elysian fields
to sail as captain at the helm
abiding in this sovereign realm
of magic mountains
and streams of nectar and pure cream
to feed the innocence of my dream.

today i am one
tomorrow i am two
if your heart i have won
then i will have you
my math may seem wrong
but that makes three
according to the holy trinity
i affirm and you deny god's will be done
that we be one.

Me me me

every fiber of my being is saying "don't go"
I had imagined more love, but you don't care (yes you do)
she loves me, loves me not, petals falling one by one
we have all the time we need to be
sixty minutes is an eternity
and buying socks but five minutes you see
it could be clocks or rocks or even a tree
a drop of time squandered away from me
I want you climbing all over me
on my blanket and tiger towel
spread out on the soft soft sand
on the softest sand
I see you bobbing in the waves with me
cheeks all wet and lips and hands
and being still and beautiful, and i draw
immortal art in adoring lines whose form
can top the famous painting's charms
and i'll have you tanning in my arms
I guess i'll have to make some gold
and puchase precious freedom sold
and offer me to be your slave. Why,
i'll spear a golden pompano!
and broil it over sea grape coals
and serve for you a feast, you know
of denizens in clarity of coral shoals
and all the rarest fruits of jungle trees
star-apples and cherries,
jackfruit, mango and coconut
with crabs and oysters, spiney lobster and gooey uni
topped with plover eggs
and we will live above the ground in airy rattan luxury
bamboo blinds and handmade chairs with potter's wares
and hanging orchids plethora, and oh!
the scent of fragrant oils
the purple frangipani and sirius (night-blooming)!
and gardenias, of course
come and go with me to that island in the sea
where the rainbow dawn, messenger of wonder, wakes us
and the twilight stars in the bluest sky, tuck us in
and smile on us silently with mystery
as if they love our love


in the quiet twilight
searched for you
delved in the dusty horizon's haze
and felt bereft as one who's beloved is gone.

someone has eaten the moon i thought
and refused to eat.
with double-eyed intensity
i returned again
and scoured the scene of the crime
with hungry eyes.
i stared until tears blinded me and my belly growled
Where is my lovely moon?
She was right there last night
Right there.

And she was radiating a light i've never seen before.
and lo,
a fingernail of light appeared...
sinister crescent of brilliant silver bright.
There was my pretty moon
who could have taken a bite out of her?
god must be napping on his throne
i pray he'll wake and restore her damaged side
and heal the lack of light.

god but winked at me
and slowly grew her former luster
right before my grateful eyes
and thankful heart that god sleeps so lightly in the night,
that tiny prayers bring back that might and glory and power
that also grew the myriad stars and us.
~ ~ ?

My white pony is wild and skittish
But faithful and dependable
When, by the cool crystal clear spring
I sit gathering the strength of the mountain
She nuzzles my neck and urges me to ride

We ride like the wind blows, pure joy
To the bright village and back again
Content to return to the greater spirits of our valley.
Here, we can make the rocks sing
And with the dancing grass commune.

What does the dancing serve to prove
But God's existence in the spheres
Whose reason grows with universal applause
All the love that flows in hearts turn gold
And gild the ga
tes of heaven

Ode to my keltic muse

my desire for you is like the ocean
waves of love keep lapping at the shores
the more i know you
the more i love you
and i haven't begun to plumb
the depths of your timeless beauty

If i were your nightgown
my happiness would be complete
the more i have the more i
want the love i feel for you
your touch, your smiles, your laughter
my touch, your melting, our breathing together
our trembling and mounting expectant sighs

have mercy on me, poor beggar of your bounty
you are my treasure
and though sometimes i may begrudge
to share you with the world
i hoard your image in my heart
and save your scent and even essence
in my mind and feed on it as
the gods partook of ambrosia and nectar
in sacred splendor
above the clouds of ancient Attica


It's you

Of all the things
I've ever wanted
To call my own
And keep forever
Promising to cherish
And care for
It's you

Oh kelly

Oh kelly that I love, my lady love, my lady fair
She's used the knife which cuts through air
The sharpest blade, the blade of truth
If I were hurt it were uncouth

The guillotine was swift and clean
Hardly a mark could be seen
And with dry eyes I loved her still
But bewildered watched my heart's blood spill

But reason and order kept their grip
as I am the stern commander
of this lonely ship
a frigid wind swept in

no not this test again
oh I have failed again
oh why
did I love again

I searched the sky for a sign
Ignore this bursting breast of mine
And then young warriors' sweet comrades fell
And for a moment I entered hell

At human tragedy I began to cry
Because we all are doomed to die
We're born to love and bound to lose
On oceans wide and boundless cruise

Then the captain strong and tall shouted "hold fast"!
It's just a gust of wind against the mast
Of sturdy English wood it's built and built to last
Let go of love let it go past

So bang the drum we must with might
The ship must go on with the gruesome fight
And life becomes long with the falling of night
And life becomes weary with the dying of the light.

I_ArtMan 11/19/2003

Our lips

our lips were meant to meet
and our bodies form a union
like a puzzle now complete

and our hearts designed to beat
in blissful harmony
that happy tandem breathing
like ocean waves
are evidence of deeper swells below

our spirits' dual destiny foretold, a mystery
two pillars of an arch triumphant
to frame the blazing setting sun
for glory falls from heaven
when two souls both are willing
when touching bodies share and care
and as a wholesome pair pass through
the veil of darkness rent
and obstacles asunder
ascend the stairs to heaven
to meet with shining countenances
and childlike wonder
together in paradise


sure you willed me to come
to use your essence
for my joy
and that was your joy

and my muffled face
was smiling ear to ear
bemused i was to hear
you laugh ejaculate
like silver bells sound
in the still and starbright night
of winter
the soundless blanket white.

inside, a quiet candle-light
suffusing spent bodies
languorous limbs locked
melting into flannel warmed with love
drifting away on a silvery white cloud

There will always be a river

There will always be a river
At the bottom of a hill
A place to sit or wander
That leads into the wood

And in the wood
A mossy bump
To rest ye in the shade
And if the beasties pursue you
Just follow the river
To a sunny sylvan glade

This is where we doff our clothes
And show off to the sun
Apollo loves out bodies tan
And aphrodite fills our veins

If you follow further
And wend your way upstream
That water clear and lovely
Leads to rocky brooks
And quiet pools
That step up to the greening hill

Til finally with dripping brows
Sit down and feel your heaving heart
And here we cool our naked feet
And swivel round
And scan the wide horizon

Now you will see how small and pretty
The serious world appears
And wonder at the power of simple things
That brought us to the source
Of the river of our dreams


In my heart I keep
A shining star safe and deep
I look within at you
And see the virgin virtue true
That Venus Power to inspire
Which translates love into desire
But if you're twinkling in this troth
You'll find my love enlightens both
the steady incandescence of this fire
will never never ever tire

I feed my love with visions
Snowy white egrets on the wing
Haply on the river sing
Of river's constancy
From ocean to spring

And there's a noble glory
In white companionship
And flying through the air
With steady strength and ease
They make a perfect pair
As they're lifted by a breeze

I_ArtMan 10.28/03

what can distract me from these lovesick thoughts?
a glass breaks and reminds me of your laughing
the sun is shinning but cold raindrops stab my hot skin
that was your cool lips on my forehead sizzling with desire
i try to read of austere saints in desert caves thirsting
it's like my thirsting for you.
a salty soup might help
i read the 'shakuntala' by kalidasa
and if the king converses
with the daughter of the god and
some sweet river nymph
i see us walking close together
in easy friendship
tasting our loves' growing ease.

July 15. 2003

What do you do when you're down
And nothing seems to work
You seem like such a jerk
Can't even clown around
Or make the crying sound.

This is the hardest test
To work without a rest
To overcome the doubt
Of what this love's about

Jump start my heart
The clock has stopped
The fruits of love turn cold
And I am feeling old.

Now the thought of you
Even makes me blue
How can this turn around
Be stamped out
Revive my aching heart
And warm my chilling bones and toes

Only your real breath on my cheek
Only your perfume
Only your closeness
Can cure this strange resentment.


Words cannot convey
What my heart would say
Love is just a word
Way too often heard

But silent smiles
Knowing glances
Tender touch
Mean so much

What more can I do
Except to change my view
From inward out
And drop the pout
And go on loving you

I_ArtMan 11/08/2003

yes to love
loving you is as real as rocks
but i also love humanity and grandfather clocks
and i love art and chocolate
great books i love an awful lot.

yes to all that's good and true
but most of all i just love you.
my favorite movie can't love me back
and that you do you'll never rue
you're the only one i wish to woo.

"and when will wooing end?" say you
when skies turn green and grass comes blue
when fire is cold and ice is hot
if only you don't tell me not.

cool lovers have a taste for truth
like heroes of the sun
as long as red blood pumps in me
my heart's desire i'll find in thee.

There are seven distances between us
The length of a bowshot can be miles
You are Diana, the huntress
Full of strength and reserve
You are closer when you're miles away
And in my thoughts and heart.

Sure, I deserve to be showered with kisses
And my child will glow with gratitude
And give full measure to a surfeit in return
Then mingling senses
Leavened awareness, rise above the world
In a mixture of melody and rhyme
Of fragrant form and sweet surrender

The domain of the gods is vast and endless
And experience is mostly wanting
That the blasts of poignant love
Form crystals in the body of the soul
That we might revive our faith
Those mysteries unknown abound
To save us from a selfish fate
And tragedies divined in time
Played out with a crisp intelligence
Intrepidly with honor and the prize…
Our love transforms our natures
And burns to ashes the cruel disguise

Sweepy head

The silence is deafening
And the hole is getting wider
Running on empty
Head thing filled with sawdust
Maggots squirming to the open mike
How many days to de-tox from a bird?
From paradise?
The sun will rise a hundred times
Before I love the morn again

I know what's mine now
I begin to live with a big heart
I call the big heart god
When I am on empty
The big heart kicks in
And gives me all I really need
The opposite of wanting wanting wanting

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