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Japanese Love Poems (Doubleday & Co.)published 1978

Set of eight watercolors on illustration board 24"x30"


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Chapter dividers


Prentice-Hall one page ads


TThe Modern Yoga Handbook (Doubleday & Co.)published 1978




BBody Mind Book by Bernice Selden (Doubleday & Co.)


Jataka Tales or
GarlandGarland of Birth Stories of the Buddha (unpublished)



There are twenty stories, retold by me from the three volume edition of 554 tales.
FoFor over 700 years storytellers in India kept these stories alive
E.B.Cowell and a number of graduate students at Cambridge University in England
worked for ten years translating from the Pali language.
I suspected that the meaning and content had been bolderized somewhat in 19th century England,
so freshened them up taking out the moralizing content and attempted to reinsert significant esoteric
meaning. also, the language was stilted and foreign to the present ear. My intention is to publish the retold
Jatakas for children with my own illustrations. It's a labor of love I've been engaged in since 1969, when there
has been free time and the right conditions of comfort and stability necessary to concentrate on it wholeheartedly.
anyone interested in financing the completion of the book should e-mail me. Or even call
the manuscript is available for anyone's perusal. the file can be sent through e-mail.

02/8/2012 Scott Cumming

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