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Scott Cumming
Call: cell: (310)774-6162 Landline: (310)837-7904



To sell myself... or rent me... or sell work... paintings, drawings, poetry readings and story teller. Or,
To freelance with a movie production company, publications, promotions or graphic arts department as a designer and illustrator.


- Master level traditional freehand illustration skills in any medium
- Ability to take a project from concept to completion
- Management/Accounting Skills
- Computer Programs:
- Adobe Photoshop/Macromedia DreamweaverMX2004/
Adobe Illustrator/Pagemaker
- Paint Shop Pro/Micrographics/Corel Web Designer
- Microsoft Word/Microsoft Office


With 33 years of experience in fine art and commercial design and illustration, I bring a senior level of expertise to the quality of imagery in design and to project management.

- 500 oil paintings
- 200 watercolors
- Some bronze and fondue cement castings.
- Etchings/lithography/woodcut/silk screen.
-Master of clay models and Pottery.
- Black and white and color photography and Printing
- Yes and No Stories (100 teaching stories from around the world.)
- Jataka Tales(ten stories retold and illustrated in egg tempera with 20 full-color illustrations from
The Garland of Birth Stories of the Buddha.)

Published Illustrations



Creative Director

Prentice Hall, Textbook Department. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.
As Creative Director, concept to finish one page ads in trade magazines for teachers across America.

McGraw Hill, Engineering News Record. N.Y.C., N.Y.
At this bi-weekly publication I wrote a two-page article on major construction bids around the world.

DoubleDay. N.Y.C., N.Y.

illustrated: Japanese Love Poems, A yoga handbook, Poetry for Peace of Mind, and The Body/Mind Book.


Tiffany & Co. Accounts Receivable 5th Ave. and 57th st.,N.Y.C., N.Y.
I was in charge of tabulating the receipts of 20 salespeople.

Apprentice Engraver
American Bank Note Company. N.Y.C., N.Y.
I was in training as a potential replacement of the master engraver who was reaching retirement age.


Columbia University. Fine arts. Scholarship.
Art Students League. Studio courses; oil painting, drawing, etching.
Parsons School of Design. Book illustration, advertising art .
School of Visual Arts. Production techniques (print media).
New School of Social Research. Graphic art and studio tips .


"A smattering of personal history and pics"

About me

Scott Cumming born in chicago, IL. September 2, 1943

My father, Robert Bailey Cumming, was a successful corporate attorney. My mother, Vivien Ruth Larsen,

was a photographer's model and an artist. she attended the Art Institute of Chicago for four years.

I grew up with my brother Robert Cumming, in Jamaica, B.W.I, in the West Indies, where my father was President

of Kingswood films Ltd. with distribution through MGM in Hollywood and Rank Organization in London, England.

Later my father was President of Houston films inc.. Over a period of twenty years he made films for NASA.

my father, Robert BaileyCumming     
my mother Nancy(Vivien Ruth Larson)


  my father in law school      me and Bobby          

My Mother's grandfather, father, and four uncles

great grandfather,larson,grandpa larson,(on arm)and his four older brothers. about 1900 a.d.

My father's father Robert Cummingccc aMy father's grandmother Lara Baileyd


  Cumming arms Cumming costume

I have been drawing and painting all of my life. when I was 13, I left home and school to hitchhike around the country with a change of clothes and a box of oil paints. But I didn't get much painting done 'on the road'.

At 15, I painted steadily in winter Park, Fl., where I enjoyed 'fame' for a short time. After a one man show in West Palm beach, on Worth Ave., I went to Greenwich Village in New York City and attended the Art Students League on 57th st..


From 16 to 19 I was apprenticed to Robert L. Anderson, a graduate of the Ringling School of Fine Arts in Sarasota, florida. In return for helping with his seven children, I was schooled in Renaissance techniques
of oil painting. I followed him to Woodstock, Vermont where I had my own studio above the Atlantic and
Pacific Tea Company. When I was 21 I moved with my wife and two baby boys to Prince street in New York City where I had a loft on the top floor above the Soho Post Office.


I got a job in the Systems Department at Continental can Co., and attended Washington Irving High School
at night for three years. I received a scholarship and grants to go to Columbia University as a day student.
Even though I majored in english and took graduate writing courses for a year, I managed to accumulate 45 credits in studio courses.

below are pictures of the mother of my first son Jonathan and Jonathan himself. Jonathan was a big help
to me when I was President of Lodestone Construction Corp. And became a Master Mason.

__              xx II __ _ Lodestone construction

jonathan pulling ryan Mt. Marcy, 1983

And this is my youngest daughter Caitlin 

I also attended Parsons School of Design, The School of Visual Arts, the Art Students League and the New School of Social Research. Except for illustrating four books for Doubleday and some advertising with Prentice-Hall and Artley Advertising on Madison ave., I have concentrated on fine art, both oil paintings and watercolors. Also, some sculpture, etching, pottery and photography.

Below is my ex-wife Jean who recently set me free after 28 years together and the three children we had.

 Jean    Jennifer     Ryan    Caitlin   Ryan 2001

I am currently working on 20 egg tempera illustrations for a collection of stories retold by me from the Jataka
Tales, or Garland of Birth Stories of the Buddha. six of the illustrations are finished. I am looking for a publisher for this project.

   Jen       Jen and Ryan   

Recently I spent three years in Washington state, on Camano Island at my father's house and two years up the Skagit River in Rockport, where I lived under The fish Inn, a famous gathering place for the locals and
the steelhead fishermen. Rockport and Marblemount are also known for the bald eagles who winter in the trees by the mighty Skagit; one of only seven rivers in the United States deemed by the government to be "a wild and scenic river". I call it the jade river because of it's unusual color.

here are a few pics of me in washington


the trading post in Marblemount was where I made my living doing portraits for $5

             some samples

At this moment I am living a block from the Pacific Ocean in Venice, CA

            Venice boardwalk

My studio in Pearl river New York below

        on the right see me at the barter fair in tonasket.

After a number of multiple changes in my lifestyle and personal health, Venice spit me out... first to culver city for a couple of years and then fate would have it that i wind up in 'Canyon Country'... Sylmar to be exact. It's still Los Angeles but we can hear the coyotes crying.

This is my backyard. was my backyard...

after a year the hills spit me out.  back to venice beach boardwalk, a little stint of homelessness sleeping in my jeep, then back to culver city, where i am now.2006

want to keep up with my adventures? go to my current journal in opera: called "food for thought, or the musings of I_ArtMan"

food for thought

new boardwalk pictures 2006



marching society marching to support new orleans... a sister city

City Hall, Culver City, CA (movieland) City Hall Culver City,  Movieland, U.S.A.

egyptian divider


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