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tI arrived at the idea of my graphic arts company by combining a persian proverb (the eyes are insatiable) with a doodling series of cartoons I used to invent instead of paying attention in class; such as an eyeball rolling downhill on a rollerskate.

We will be undertaking graphic art images on a contract basis on any subject for anyone anywhere.

Logos, one page print ads from concept to completion with the intention of creating an indelible company IMAGE.

I, personally, will work with YOU until you are completely satisfied with the results.

This website is admittedly my first creation for the web. I used Photoshop for the graphics and Macromedia Dreamweaver for the web layout.

Please give me a chance to proove what I can do for you.



Sself-portrait of the artist and founder of hungryeyegraphics (HEG)



since I am a "starving artist" serendipitously, it fell to me through a series of circumstances and coincidences to locate myself,

like a boll weevil in the aboveground basement of this famous landmark restaurant.

since 1923 the "fish" as locals called it, served breakfast to Steelhead fishermen camping at the Howard Miller Steelhead Park

in Rockport, WA.

Much later, it became a tavern and the "home away from home" for the whole of the upper Skagit Valley.

When I got there it had been closed for some time. With permission from the proprietor,

I opened a gallery and restaurant. below are scans of the seventh generation menu.

Look at these prices.... no fractions.

TThis is a logo for FAFGLLC

01/10/2005 Scott Cumming

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