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sketch for story "ajam boglay"

sketch of my brother bobby 1958

after da vinci, 1960

early self portrait 1960

my first wife of six months duration, linda talbot

after raphael 1960

my father 1958

this was a murderer i shared a cell with.  hillsboro county jail.  done in 1958 despite the signature.  i was 15.

strung-out in mexico 1960

dexidrine self-portrait 1960

linda talbot 1960

cartoon for mosaic wall for restaurant in orlando, fla. 1958

study of a man in greenwich village 1959

sixty second drawings from the model

five minute sketch, live model

one minute , live

fragment, life class, hopper house, nyack, ny 1996


fragment, forty minute pose

self-portrait 1958

linda talbot 1960

portrait of gin phillips


vermont period 1962

the little girl who lived down the lane, winter park, 1959

bowery drunk 1962

live model 20 min., 1994, hopper house class

hopper house class

40 minute pose

brother bobby 1958

done in mexico at the noche' y dia, mexico city

that's me believe it or not.. 1960

ballpoint pen. sick.... is all i can say.

the ravages of dexidrine.

pencil.. still addicted

class model, art students league, manhattan 1961

long drawing art student's league 1961

1958, studies from books

a very pretty girl from marblemount named vanessa wa. 1998

girl on the boardwalk, 2005

portrait of teryu, rockport, fish in 1999

teryu at her harp.  'kenny boster harp'

new york...  girlfriend's roommate 1970

from the movie "Nirvana", ideagram

charcoal 'cartoon' for "the boy... the girl and the artist"

jaime.  study for watercolor series 1995, pearl river, n.y.

hopper house model

study for sad cosette of les miserables, victor hugo 1959

baby sitter, prince's bay, s.i., n.y. 1985

june anderson on the farm near woodstock vermont, 1959

gil gordon, washington square park, manhattan 1961

narcisist "big brown"  'the square'

fellow artist and friend, sim tomer, at my studio in pearl river 1994

horse and buggy maui, hawaii, 1984

jean at home

baby sitter bored 1985

line drawing, art student's league

sally anderson 1958, winter park

babysitter 1985

barbara anderson 1958

fragment studies for the boy... the girl... the artist 1959

fragment study for the 4'x8' painting

study of gin phillips

i don't know

jaime, my studio in pearl river

model, art students league

a.s.l. again

june anderson 1963 woodstock

male model, hopper house

hopper house jaime

jaime, my studio

sixty second line drawings, hopper house

line drawings, hopper house

60 second jaime

60 seconds

two minutes pose

60 sec.

surface print etching

imaginary landscape etched

intaglio print of "cynthia west"  from life

aquatint rochester folk art guild, "guest cabin with tagalong dog"

more speed sketches

male model, hopper house

fast sketch, hopper house

jaime at hopper house









hopper house model

hopper male

hh male

hopper model m

hh m

hh m2

fast study1

two one minute line drawings

the third one

line sketch

reclining model 1

clasped hands

hauty model

two poses

quick sketch

one minute line

one minute line drawings

stretched line drawing 5 min.

class study 20 minutes

long study reclining nude

20 min.

20 minute pensive model

20 min. pained expression

action poses

60 seconds

60 secs

action 60 secs

quick sketch

5 min. study

20 min. study

long pose

long pose 2

nice pose

full bodied figure

naked man with doodle at top

ecstatic nude male

quick male nude


action 2

in class with extra time

tough angle

it's a challenge to get this pose right

long study male nude

long study male nude

long study female nude

nice modeling

first drawing upriver sylmar

flying boys

unknown head

high tree

sappho passion

michele stedman


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